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We look at your brand differently every time, in the most humane way.

We see ourselves as the mirrorball bringing self-reflection and a clear, all-round perspective.

We aim to be the multi-toned voice that speaks your language making sure to always add a unique, qualitative, creative spin to put your brand in the spotlight.

With a versatile team from a wide range of backgrounds, let us play a part in your wildest projects!

where we come from.

At ampa, we don't only produce content. We strive to develop a meaningful, creative strategy that matches our clients' needs and brand image. This is what motivated our birth.

We want brands and creatives to feel understood and be able to work together in the most natural and effective way possible. That's why, in 2019, we founded an independent agency that speaks and unites these two languages with ingenuity and passion.

Our missions of strategy, branding and production that we hold so dear only matter if they bring genuine meaning to brands, and to the world. We want your story, your message, your voice to be highlighted and carried out with the highest quality and dedication. Whatever the target. Whatever the format. Whatever the channel.